2002: The Research & Development laboratories of Caffaro Srl-SNIA Group, which collects the experiences and expertise of many decades of chemical process research of one of the most important Italian chemical companies, becomes an independent business unit under the name Serichim and offers the chemical companies its services as CRO

2005: In May 2005 SERICHIM celebrates the opening of the new laboratory completely renovated with an investment of about 3 million Euro. The event is attended by personalities of the Italian and European chemical world such as Prof. Renato Ugo and Dr. Peter Pollack

2006: In March 2006 with an MBO, Pietro Delogu and Fausto Ferrazzi, with the support of other public and private partners, acquire the R&D branch of Caffaro; SERICHIM became the first indipendent italian chemical Contract Research Organization (CRO). SERICHIM can count on important skills for Research in the chemical, chemical-pharmaceutical and agrochemical sectors, in the field of environmental research and also in the study of new technologies for the development of continuous processes.

2007: In May SERICHIM, with the DD 740 / Ric., achieve the endorsement of italian Ministry of Education as hihgly qualified Chemical research lab and in September the endorsement of region Friuli Venezia Giulia. In October, adheres to IT-SusChem, Italian branch of EPT-SusChem, the European platform for the development of a sustainable chemistry.
In December SERICHIM its ended, achieving the expected results, the first project financed by the Friuli Venezia Giulia for the development of Mini- and Micro technologies applied to the synthesis of intermediates and pharmaceutical products.

2008: The development of know-how for the use of residues of animal fats and vegetable oils with high acidity content as raw materials for the production of biodiesel, made in collaboration with the University of Urbino, is finalized. It makes these raw matherial a viable alternative to the use of raw materials for food uses. An original continuous process for the synthesis of homocysteic acid and it is used for the small-scale production of the product.

2009: Completion of the study of an innovative chemical process suitable to eliminate Hg pollution from river and marine sediments successfully tested on sediments of the lagoon of Grado and Marano and other polluted areas.

2010: filed a patent on a continuous process for the production of Gabapentin

2011: among the research contracts concluded during the year, of particular importance is the development of new synthetic pathways for CA monomers made on request of a multinational company, world leader in its industrial segment.

2012: end of the development of a proprietary technology of a multi-functional continuous reactor and is filed the CompactChem ™ patent.

2013: succesfull testing of the COMPACTCHEMTM technology for the polymerization of acrylic polymers.

2014: At the end of October is completed with the achievement of all the objectives the pilot testing of an innovative process for the recovery of metals from industrial waste that exploits the wet oxidation technology. An innovative process for the production of paracyclophane is developed on behalf of an industrial partner.
On July starts the project called "The Chemistry of Formulations for Made in Italy: new technology platforms for eco-leather and fabrics" funded by Mi.S.E. SERICHIM leads a partnership of 18 players including private corporations, universities and CNR.

Serichim History