The analytical team detect, quantify and isolate the whole spectrum of organic compounds which can take part in a chemical reaction.

The detections is made through spectrophotometry using mass spectroscopy, nuclear magnetic resonance, FT infrared spectroscopy and UV spectroscopy. The available HPLC and GC allow the quantitative determination of organic compounds, while analytical standards can be obtained with the preparative HPLC and flash chromatography.

The analytical equipment available to satisfy our costumers needs are:

  • 1 NMR 400 MHz
  • 1 HPLC-MS
  • 1 GC-MS
  • 1 HS-GC-MS
  • 4 GC
  • 4 HPLC (DAD, RI)
  • 1 FT-IR
  • 2 UV-Vis
  • 1 scanner TLC
  • 1 DSC

Additional available analytical services are:

  • KF Moisture
  • Titrations with digitally controlled burettes