The operational structure covers an area of ​​about 2000 square meters including laboratories, offices and service facilities.

The chemical research laboratories, for a total of approximately 1200 m2, have been completely renewed in 2003, with an investment concerning both the operational structures and the research equipment.

The 12 chemical research rooms are equipped with three hoods each, services, stoves and vacuum pumps, thermostats or cryo-thermostats, technical and / or analytical balances, aspirated cabinets, equipment and connections to the lab IT network.

The last lab room, dedicated to macrolab preparations, is equipped with a walck-in aspirated hoods, six meters high on three floors, were researchers can install and operate complete glass plants to simulate the final industrial ones. A pilot glass multifunctional Buchi reactor with a 20 lt volume and finally three distillation columns complete the macropreparation room equipment.

SERICHIM owns also a large library with a collection of about 2,000 volumes of Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Engineering; is connected to major online databases (STN, Dialog, SciFinder), patent databases (Delphion ) as well as subscriptions to the British Library. It is also equipped with the latest process simulation software (Aspen Plus) and software for the capture, storage and interpretation of IR,MS and NMR spectra.