SERICHIM specialists have the following equipment:

  • Parallel synthesizer ASW 2000 Chemspeed with 2 Radley parallel synthesized computerized platforms, interfaced to a HPLC with UV detection system.
  • Centrifuge CL10 IEC (Jouan Italia)
  • Glass reactors up to 30 lt
  • High temperature reactor (up to 400 ° C at atmospheric pressure)
  • 2 LUWA high efficiency rectification columns
  • 2 Kühni liquid-liquid extraction columns for about 10 mixing elements each
  • 1 Pyro 5150 (CDS Analytical)
  • Liquid-liquid extractor Carteau OTS
  • Turbovap Solution Concentrator (FKV)
  • Kit of ebulliometers for determining the vapor pressure of pure liquids and their mixtures (maximum temperature 200 ° C)
  • Screen sieves (Artiglass, Tecnotest) for solid matrix extraction systems
  • Ultra-pure Milli-Q gradient water system (Millipore)
  • Demineralization System (SMEG)
  • Refrigerated cell of 16 sqm refrigerated at 4 ° C for sample retention
  • Water sampling equipment, such as: pump + inverter for sampling (Grundfos), OTT KL010 (Corr-Tek) heater and MOSA GE 4500 HBS (Ferro Julia)