February 2020:

SERICHIM S.r.l. take part to BioHighTech NET 4.0, the main business network in Friuli Venezia Giulia in biomed, biotech and bioinformatics. 

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January 2019

SERICHIM S.r.l. approves a capital increase dedicated to Biovalley Investments Partner S.r.l.(BIP) wich then hold the absolute majority of shares of the company. The Board of Directors is renewed with the entry of three new directors appointed by BIP.

September 2018

At the conclusion of the EURO BioHighTech, an international symposium held in Trieste, a framework Technology Transfer agreement was reached between ICGEB Serichim srl, first time with a company based in FriuliVenezia Giulia, with the support of BioValley Investments Partner Spa, a company fully owned by BioValley Investments Srl, which will take care of funds to make the start of bio-similar medicines production.
The agreement was signed by prof. Mauro Giacca, General Director of ICGEB, Ing. Diego Bravar, President of BioValley and by dr. Fausto Ferrazzi, President of SERICHIM, the beneficiary company, based in Torviscosa in piazzale Marinotti 1, which will provide for the regulatory and productive development of the process.
With the increase in competition in the production and marketing of biosimilar-drugs, public health care systems could achieve significant savings, facilitating the acceleration of the development of this market, with enormous opportunities both in terms of public health and of economic policy and quality of life.

1 August 2018

SERICHIM obtained on August 1st, 2018 the certification ISO9001: 2015. Testifying the continuous improvement of Serichim’s operating procedures and the compliance with the new requirements (READ MORE)

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