SERICHIM , concerning Environmental research services, focuses its activities in the evaluation and modeling of in-situ or ex-situ remediation processes, exploiting knowledge, skills and experience gained in decades of research on the optimization of industrial chemical processes.

Analytical knowledge and equipment support Serichim staff in problem solving rather than in standard analytical characterization.
The choice of technology to be used in the remediation process of soils and polluted aquifers first requires a comparative assessment of the best available and affordable processes, but also the validation through pilot tests to ensure to choose the most efficient result in accordance with an economically predictable and sustainable investment.
Evaluation of kinetics of organic pollutant degradation in contaminated soil or aquifers using biological remediation techniques, studies of metal migration kinetics using electrochemical decontamination, or even an innovative method for the decontamination of mercury and metals from sediments fluvial and marine are examples of services that Serichim can provide to customers.


SERICHIM collaborates with important Italian and European operators of which can use, subject to permits, analytical technologies and remediation technologies.