For a new chemical entity and/or for an existing substance the choice of the "best" synthetic route is carefully evaluated at the very beginning of the project taking into account with a thorough feasibility study:

  • Likelihood of success related to the robustness of the chemistry selected.
  • Availability, cheapness, nr of suppliers for raw matherials
  • Number of steps and Ease of scale up
  • Selectivity.

Enviromental impact and Safety. The use of highly toxic raw materials or reagents, or the likelihood of hexplosion hazards on scale up, may make a route unattractive.

A balance has to be found and, as far as the results of the first experimental results are obtained an iterative re-evaluation of their importance must be done.

Custom Synthesis

The Serichim lab offers pilot structures, which allow working up to a level of a few hundred-litres in a large range of operative conditions. The most important of the existing equipments, are :

  • Glass-lined and stainless steel reactors with a capacity up to 500 litres
  • High temperature reactor (up to 300° C)
  • 20-theoretical trays batch glass-lined distillation column
  • filters, centrifuge and drying equipments
  • a completely segregated large walck-in fume hood, equipped with a scubber to treat the expelled air, catching contaminants incidentally released.

Parallel Synthesis

Parallel synthesis is a strategy to optimize the time needed to identify a set of independent variables that satisfy given constraints and the time needed to prepare products with minor differences in their structures, using the same chemistry.
In Serichim several parallel synthesis equipments of different complexity are available:

  • heated platform with 6 250 ml flasks magnetically stirred;
  • heated platform with 12 100 ml tubular reactors magnetically stirred;
  • ASW platform : a computer controlled platform with up to 64 stirred reactors, with operative temperature range from -20 to 100°C, interfaced with HPLC chromatography for the "on line" analytical monitoring of the whole set of reactions.