A torough analysis of existing patent and literature It is the preliminary activity of any project business oriented.

SERICHIM chemists can rely on informations obtained from:

  • about 2000 volumes on chemistry and Chemical Engineering
  • main Technical Encyclopedias ( Ullman, Kirk-Othmer...) and data collections (Dechema, Int. Crit. Tables, Detherm...)
  • Chemical Abstracts
  • link to on-line data banks (STN, Dialog, Scifinder...)
  • link to patent data banks (Delphion...)
  • link to economical-commercial data bank (Newsline...)

The use of information often requires further elaboration. Commercial and in house developed programs help the analysis and correlation of experimental data, the prevision of physico-chemical properties and the process simulation.

Preparation of M.S.D.S.

SERICHIM specialists can prepare M.S.D.S. using a dedicated software based on literature data

bibliographic studies