A thorough analysis of existing patent and literature is the first activity for any business project.

SERICHIM chemists can rely on information obtained from:

  • The main technical encyclopedias (Ullman, Kirk-Othmer...) and data collections (Dechema, Int. Crit. Tables, Detherm...)
  • Chemical Abstracts
  • links to on-line data banks (STN, Dialog, Scifinder...)
  • links to patent data banks (Delphion...)
  • links to economic commercial data bank (Newsline...)

The use of information often requires further elaboration. Commercial and in house developed programs help the analysis and correlation of experimental data, the prevision of physico-chemical properties and the process simulation.

Preparation of an MSDS.

SERICHIM specialists can prepare MSDSs using a dedicated software based on literature data

bibliographic studies

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