• Sizing and simulation of Unit Operations
  • Experimental studies of Unit Operation
  • Industrial process nook developed with the Batch Process Developer software by Aspen
  • Measurement of chemical and physical data for safety assessments

Software for Process Development studies

  • Proprietary scientific software packages
  • Aspen Batch Process Developer
  • Lyngby Physical and Unit Operation Package

Equipment to measure chemical and physical properties

  • DSC Perkin Elmer
  • Equilibrium stills to measure vapor pressures
  • Calorimeter RC1 to measure thermo-physical effects
  • Ubbehlode and rotational viscosimeters

SERICHIM operates the entire set of equipment for process development study and evaluation, including batch and continuous reactors, crystallization and filtering apparatuses, batch and continuous distillation columns and liquid-liquid extraction columns. Practically all common continuous operations can be operated at lab, bench and pilot scales.

  • The reactor families.
  • The distillation column families.
  • Liquid liquid continuous extraction column.
  • The filter family.

Equipment for unit operation validation

  • Distillation and extraction columns
  • Thin film evaporators
  • Reactors with continuous monitoring of reaction parameters

Equipment for Batch Productions

  • 5 reactors for a total capacity of 1000 lt (3 under walk-in fume hoods)
  • 2 distillation columns
  • 20 l rotating evaporator
  • 200 l flat drier filter
  • 1 fluid bed dryer
  • 1 paddle dryer
  • 1 centrifuge

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For a complete bioprocess the design of each step must not only employ currently acceptable industrial methods, but also be compatible and integrated with the successive step. Methods are selected to match the economic constraints and regulatory guidelines of each product.

Tailor made solutions to specific problems or to complete processes.

Fermentation and Bioprocess Engineering
Upstream processing:

  • Strain development and characterization
  • Formulation of culture broths and fermentation methodology
  • Microbial fermentation in batch/fed-batch bioreactor using diverse gassing strategies

Downstream processing:

  • Expression and purification of peptides, enzymes, proteins and biologics


  • Production and characterization of whole-cell catalysts
  • Cell lysis, enrichment studies, and characterization of biocatalytic activities

Genomic benchmarking for species identification and property rights

   process development

Liquid liquid continuous extraction column.

4 cm inner diameter
Up to 30 equilibrium stages
10-100 ° C

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