SERICHIM biotechnology group develops both customized solutions for specific problems and complete industrial processes.
Among the different activities, we work on the characterization and production of biocatalysts and their implementation, integrating biochemical steps into chemical reactions and processes.

At the same time, the know-how of our organic and analytical chemists is available to our biotechnology unit to address problems of purification, bioconjugation and functionalization.
The design and the development of biotechnological processes for industrial scales are the main services we offer. In particular:

Upstream process development:

  • Genomic benchmarks for the identification of new strains and study of property rights.
  • Development of expression vectors.
  • Development and characterization of bacterial and fungal strains for the production of biomolecules.
  • Selection of stable clones, screening and development of culture media.
  • Development of batch and semi-continuous fermentation protocols.

Downstream process development:

  • Development of purification processes, in collaboration with the organic and analytical chemistry units, including preparative HPLC (gram scale), ion exchange chromatography, and tangential flow filtration (TFF).
  • Development of in-process control techniques for critical steps.
  • Functionalization of biosimilars and biomolecules.

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