Organic synthesis

Bibliographic studies and preliminary assessments
A thorough analysis of existing patents and literature is the first activity for any business project. SERICHIM offers bibliographic researches on syntheses and processes, accompanied by our experts evaluations. The choice of the route of synthesis is carefully evaluated taking into account the following factors:

  • Success rate based on the chemistry involved
  • Availability, price and suppliers of the starting materials
  • Number of synthetic steps and scalability
  • Selectivity
  • Environmental impact and safety

From mg to kg
SERICHIM has two pilot plants which allow work up to 500 l volumes in a wide range of operating conditions. A non-exhaustive list of our equipment can be found under «our labs».
Our main services:

  • Feasibility studies on a small scale (mg-g)
  • Manufacturing of chemicals in batch, from 10 mg to 100 Kg
  • Purifications (e.g. flash chromatography on 100g scale)
  • Reaction conditions optimisation

Contract research (FTE – full time equivalent)
SERICHIM also offers research contracts on an hourly-base. The research activities to be carried out are agreed upon with the customer, who is updated in real time on the results.

Core technologies:

  • Hydrogenations (H2, transfer hydrogenation) and reductions (metal hydrides)
  • Catalytic transesterifications
  • Regioselective chlorinations and brominations, cyanations
  • Cyclopropanations and cycloadditions
  • Orthogonal protection/deprotection strategies
  • Heterocyclic chemistry (N, O, S)
  • Organometallic chemistry (coupling reactions, homogeneous catalysis)
  • Flow chemistry
  • Bioconjugations (with PEG and other linkers)

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